Wow Warrior Pvp Guide

This is a basic guide for Warrior PvP and I¡¯m going to focus mainly on Arms spec here. It is based pretty much on my own personal experiences through this and previous expansions and any constructive criticism and/or tips are appreciated.

Going to start this guide with basic info like stats, glyphs and talents and going to add more specific gameplay tips later.

This guide contains:
1. Stats & Reforging
2. Gemming
3. Enchants
4. Talents
5. Glyphs
6. Arena-setups
7. Macros

This guide is an updated version of my Cataclysm equivalent which can be found here: page=1

1. Stats and Reforging

Offensive stat-priority for Arms warrior is: Crit > Strength > Mastery > Haste. Follow this priority when you¡¯re reforging/gemming/gearing after reaching the caps mentioned below.

For PvP the hit cap and expertise caps ares 3%, which are mandatory to have.

2. Gemming:

You should be using the following gems for each slot:

Meta: Reverbeating Primal Diamond, 216 Strength, 3% Increased Critical Effect
Red: 80 Strength + 160 Crit Rating (Inscribed Vermillion Onyx)
Blue: 160 Crit Rating + 80 PvP Power (Radiant Wild Jade)
Yellow: 320 Crit Rating (Smooth Sun's Radiance)

3. Enchants:

Shoulders: 200 Str + 100 Crit (Greater Tiger Fang Inscription)
Cloak: 180 Crit (Superior Critical Strike)
Chest: 200 PvP Resilience (Super Resilience)
Wrist: 170 Str (Exceptional Strength)
Hands: 170 Str (Super Strength)
Waist: Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs: 285 Str & 165 Crit (Angerhide Leg Armor)
Feet: 140 Mastery & Movement speed bonus (Pandaren¡¯s Step)
Weapon: Dancing Steel (if you¡¯re low on gold use Windsong instead)

4. Talents:

One of the biggest changes in Mists of Pandaria are the new talent trees and their versatility. You should pick up the talents you are comfortable with, they should suit your own or teams gameplay.

Personally I mostly use this kind of build for random battlegrounds and arena:

Tier 1: Juggernaut
Tier 2: Second Wind
Tier 3: Piercing Howl
Tier 4: Shockwave
Tier 5: Safeguard
Tier 6: Stormbolt

I'll explain talents tier by tier below:

Tier 1: Juggernaut is the only choice from this tier because it increases your mobility so much that it's mandatory to have. Double-time let's you charge twice in a row but after that you will struggle to maintain your uptime because of long cooldown of Charge so you should never pick up it or Warbringer from this tier.

Tier 2: Second Wind is the best option here because you don't have to pay attention to it and it gives you nice healing below 35% health without sacrificing rage or globals to heals.

Tier 3: I've started using Piercing Howl again after Disrupting Shout and Pummel were changed to share a 15 second cooldown. It's a nice AoE-slow which increases your uptime nicely. If you're playing with a class which has a permanent snare also you can switch to Disrupting Shout for AoE silence.

Tier 4: I personally use Shockwave usually because I like the control and peel it gives. Bladestorm is a viable option especially with Bloodbath talent from tier 6 if your setup relies on giving AoE-pressure. Dragon Roar is an unwanted choice in any situation.

Tier 5: There isn't really other option for Tier 5 anymore after they removed the baseline root breaker from Intervene. That's why Safeguard is your number one option - it increases your precious uptime.

Tier 6: As said above if you're using Bladestorm, you should be using Bloodbath from this tier to give you more AoE-pressure. Unless you're playing with Bladestorm you should go Stormbolt if you're willing to have more stuns/peels to help out your teammates or to land some kills.

The sections above are meant to give you some insight about warrior talents and which one to use in your case. If you want to be as efficient as possible you should be changing your talents to the best options against particular teams you face.

5. Glyphs:

Glyphs are very similar to talents in Mists of Pandaria because you should be using your own personal preferences here.

Probably the best ones which I¡¯ve been using so far are mentioned below and I can recommend them strongly:

Glyph of Death from Above
Glyph of Rude Interruption
Glyph of Colossus Smash

Also Glyph of Spell Reflection, Glyph of Shield Wall and Glyph of Hindering Strikes are good choices for Major Glyphs.


Other minor glyphs are pretty much visual stuff except Glyph of Bloody Healing which is a minor upgrade to your bandage healing while your Deep Wounds is active and Glyph of Intimidating Shout which makes your feared targets stand still.

6. Arena-setups:


Warriors are usually best to pair with a healer and currently the strongest options are Paladin for good CC-chains or Druid with incredible escape mechanics and Cyclone. If you're new to arena I strongly recommend that you start playing with healer because playing with dps is harder as you can't recover from mistakes as much as with healer.


Warrior-Mage-Priest (WMP)
Warrior-Death Knight-Paladin (TSG, The Super Gosus)
Warrior-Hunter-Shaman/Holy Paladin (KFC, kung-fu cleave)

WLS and WLD are based on the AoE-pressure by the warlock and the kills are lined up with his CC (crowd control) and your executing. Both setups are more than fine currently but also Warrior-Warlock-Paladin is great. You should forget Priest because it doesn¡¯t fit with Warlock.

TSG is more straight-forward setup which is usually based on outlasting your opponent and putting out as much damage you can. Kills are usually lined up with Strangulate or just getting enemy healer out of mana / heal output.

KFC is a golden midway between WLS/WLD and TSG. It¡¯s based on enormous single-target damage but the hunter also has incredible CC¡¯s which are making this setup dangerous in the right hands.

WMP is also a good setup to play. It has great burst capabilities and mage brings a lot CC to support warrior. Mage is also making warriors uptime higher with constant snares and roots.

7. Macros

Macros are nowadays mandatory if you are willing to perform well and bring up the full potential of your class. Macros are created in the in-game window which opens up by typing a command /macro to chat.

Don¡¯t start using every macro right away, add them after you are comfortable with the last added macro.

My macros:

All DPS-cooldowns in one button:
#showtooltip recklessness
/cast recklessness
/cast skull banner

Charge with shift-modifier for Focus-Charge:
#showtooltip charge
/cancelaura bladestorm
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] charge
/cast [nomodifier:shift] charge

Pummel with shift-modifier for Focus-Pummel:
#showtooltip Pummel
/cancelaura bladestorm
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] pummel
/cast [nomodifier:shift] pummel

Mouseover-Safeguard (works with Intervene too):
#showtooltip safeguard
/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead][] safeguard

Victory Rush with /startattack:
#showtooltip victory rush
/cast victory rush

#showtooltip Dense Embersilk Bandage
/use [target=Wilpo] Dense Embersilk Bandage

Heroic Leap with /cancelaura for Bladestorm:
#showtooltip heroic leap
/cancelaura bladestorm
/cast heroic leap

Rallying Cry with Healthstone from Warlocks:
#showtooltip rallying cry
/cast rallying cry
/use healthstone

Intimidating Shout with Focus-modifier:
#showtooltip intimidating shout
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] intimidating shout
/cast [nomodifier:shift] intimidating shout

Safeguard to team member (switch "name" to your teammates name):
#showtooltip intervene
/cast [target=name] intervene

Bladestorm & Bloodbath:
#showtooltip bladestorm
/cast bloodbath
/cast bladestorm

8. Addons

Warriors are easy to play without addons but there are few I recommend.

OmniCC: Shows cooldowns with a timer instead of spiral on keybinds.

Doom_CooldownPulse: Shows a big icon on the screen whenever a cooldown has passed.

sArena: With sArena you're able to move and resize the default Blizzard arena frames and it adds a trinket cooldown timer next to arena targets. I prefer this one over Gladius because of the cleaner look.

(Gladius: If you are new to arena, this helps a lot with tracking various things about enemies like PvP-trinket cooldowns and such.)

PhotoRobot: Replaces portrait icons with cooldown and CC-icons whenever they¡¯re used on that target / yourself / focus.

TellMeWhen: You can customize this addon to show debuffs, cooldowns and basicly anything you want to. I use this one to track few cooldowns (Pummel, Shockwave and Fear) with bigger icons next to my characters unit frame to make it easy to check cooldowns.

The End:
Now you're ready to face fellow players in PvP-environment and start improving your gameplay further. Good luck!