Best Way To Grind Aldor Reputation

I have been just now getting into playing The Burning Crusade expansion and have reached the point to choose which faction I want and I have chosen Aldor. So, what is the best way to grind the Aldor rep so I can get the high reputation items?

Cool…you have made it to Shattrath City. Luckily for you, you have chosen to be Aldor instead of Scryer. Why do I say that? Simple…at least on my server it is much cheaper to level up your rep with Aldor.

First things first, you must do the Aldor quest. This will really help out your rep as a quest reward you can gain quite a bit of Aldor rep (+3,500) for the first quest. All you have to do for the quest is talk to Khadgar after completing the A’dal quest after getting the tour around Shattrath City.

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After doing that quest, if you find yourself with a lot of WoW gold then you can purchase  Mark of Kil’Jaeden from the auction house and turn them in until you hit Honored with Aldor. If you do not have extra gold around (who does?) then you can also grind for these Marks in Terokkar Forest at the Cabal camp which is due west of the caravan camp (around 37,50 coords) where you can receive quests south of Shattrath City.

After you are Honored with Aldor you will want to gather  Mark of Sargeras. Once again the AH can be a great place to buy these if you have the gold available. If you don’t there is a great grinding spot for these in Netherstorm at the Arklon Ruins (around 39,73 coords) southeast of Area 52. You can turn in these all the way to Exalted.

As well as getting the Marks to turn in for rep. You can also get  Fel Armament to turn in at Shattrath City for Aldor rep also. The drop rate on these is pretty low compared to the Marks but of course they can give you more of a rep. reward. The best place to grind these is actually in The Arcatraz which is a level 70 instance. I wouldn’t really buy these from the AH since they tend to be pretty pricey.

Don’t worry they also have a low chance to drop when you are grinding for the Mark of Sargeras also so you don’t HAVE to do the instance if you don’t want to.

There is a lot of information here but it will help you hit the Exalted status with Aldor in a timely manner.

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