What Is A Warlock’s Role In The WoW Arena?

I finally hit level 70 with my Warlock and I want to do some WoW arena matches in order to get some epic items for it. What I am having trouble with is understanding what my role would be in an arena match. Can you help?

A Warlock’s role in Arena is simple: Kill things. WoW Warlocks are a primary source of damage on any arena teams. Their ability to do damage over time gives them greater mobility around the battlefield.

In addition, Warlocks tend to have greater survivability than other cloth wearing casters.

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The talent spec that a Warlock needs to use is largely dependent on the size of the arena team and the class and specs of their teammates.

Affliction spec’d Warlocks focus on doing damage over time. They have several abilities, many of which are instant-cast, that will slowly diminish an opponent. Affliction Warlocks also specialize in draining health and mana from their opponents to restore themselves. Spec’ing deep into Affliction will grant the Warlock an instant-cast AOE fear.

Destruction spec’d Warlocks focus mainly on burst damage. They have several talents that will incapacitate an opponent for short amounts of time.

Demonology spec’d Warlocks have many talents and abilities that enhance their pets. They also gain the ability to summon a Felguard, a special pet unavailable to other Warlock spec. An important ability that Demonology Warlocks use is Soul Link – it causes all damage done to them to split 20% with their pet. If they are using a Felguard, which has a very large hit point pool, it makes killing them exceedingly difficult. Felguards also have an intercept stun ability that makes them ideal spell interrupters.

Warlocks are often relied upon to crowd control in Arena Combat. Often they will be assigned an opponent that they are to keep feared for as long as possible. Warlocks are very successful against caster opponents because of their array of abilities that can be used to interrupt casting. While it varies with spec, some of these are: Felguard intercept stun, Shadowfury, Fear, Howl of Terror, and Felhunter Spell Lock.

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