World of Warcraft online play

World of Warcraft online play
Published March 3rd, 2005 in General, Games and Deals.
World of Warcraft is a great game except the $14.99 monthly fee is a bit steep. However, you can play on a emulated WoW private server for free.

1) Install World of Warcraft. How you obtain World of Warcraft is up to you. You can either buy or download it at ISO Hunt. Downloading it at ISO Hunt may be illegal.

2) Sign up for an account on the Dark Knights¡¯ server. Use IE to register.

3) Edit your file. If you went with the default installation, it should be located at ¡°C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\¡±. Open it in Notepad and change the current text to ¡°set realmlist¡±.

4) Download this update if your World of Warcraft version number is lower than 1.2.3. All private servers run either on 1.2.3 or 1.2.4. If you are running 1.2.3 it will automatically download an update to 1.2.4. If you are running lower than 1.2.3 it will not download update automatically, so you will have to download this manual update.

5) Download WDBRemover and run it before playing World of Warcraft. It will help reduce the amount of errors that appear when playing World of Warcraft.

6) Open up World of Warcraft. To login in simply use the username and password you registered for earlier at That should be it! Just make sure you are running WDBRemover while playing World of Warcraft.

If you are still running into error problems try running Blizzard¡¯s repair tool.


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