World of Warcraft Warrior Talent Tree

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The 3 branches of the warrior talent tree in World of Warcraft are protection, arms and fury. World of Warcraft talent trees allow a player to customize his character . The Fury branch allows a warrior to act as a dps class, the protection branch allows a warrior to tank, and the arms branch tries to find a balance between the 2.

The Protection Branch

A character who wishes to spend most of his time leveling up in groups and have a needed role in end game raids should choose this branch. The Protection branch of the warrior talent tree serves the same purpose for warriors as it does for paladins. Players who choose this for their World of Warcraft character will be expected to be able to keep and hold aggro so that other members of the group can do their job.

By design the talents in the protection branch will cause a warrior to do less damage than another character of the same class who chooses to specialize in the other branches of the warrior talent tree

The Fury Branch

For World of Warcraft characters that wish to level quickly and want to spend more of their time soloing, the fury branch allows the warrior to deliver a high damage per second rate. While the damage is similar the less DPS oriented branches of the hunter talent tree, characters that choose this branch of the warrior talent tree are not highly sought after for groups. They do well in the end game raids, but guilds will court the abilities of protection warriors first.

The Arms Branch

This branch of the warrior talent tree seeks to find a balance between holding aggro and dealing damage. Players who choose this branch will be able to fulfill either the role of tank of DPS character, but not as well as warrior players who chose to specialize in fury or protection.

Combining Branches

It is possible to combine talents from different branches of a World of Warcraft class¡¯s talent tree to see which strategy works best. Experimenting with the combinations in the game is possible, but not recommended, as it costs one gold to relearn talents the first time a character uses this option, and the cost to relearn talents rises after every use. A better option is to use a talent calculator such as the ones available at IGN Vault or the WoWHead Website.