wow stormwind city Notable characters

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King Varian Wrynn, having recently returned, rules from his throne in Stormwind Keep with his son, Anduin Wrynn, and the Gilnean King Genn Greymane by his sides. By the time of Varian's return, Lady Prestor's true identity has been fully uncovered and brave adventurers have already dispatched her. Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, former regent of Stormwind, was sent off to Northrend to command the main Alliance forces stationed there, Where his destiny would lead him into becoming the new Lich King. Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth is the officer in charge of the kingdom's fleet. In the Cathedral of Light, Archbishop Benedictus used to preside over the Clergy of Light but with the revelation of his betrayal and identity as the Twilight Father that position has currently become vacant. In the Valley of Heroes General Hammond Clay stands sentinel on his horse, flanked by his topmost commanding officers, Major Mattingly and Field Marshal Afrasiabi. Other guild masters include High Sorcerer Andromath and Master Mathias Shaw, in charge of Stormwind wizards and thieves guilds, respectively.

Valley of Heroes

Stormwind is the largest of the surviving human kingdoms remaining on Azeroth. Connected through both sea access and the newly-built underground railroad, Stormwind proudly swings its doors wide open for adventurers of the entire Alliance. Humans, dwarves, gnomes, high elves, and night elves all have their own little niche in the capital city, making Stormwind a true melting pot of cultures.

Stormwind City's great gates tower over the treetops of Elwynn Forest. Beyond them lies The Valley of Heroes, a beautiful natural basin spanned by a majestic bridge leading to the city's trade district. The bridge is lined with enormous statues depicting some of the greatest heroes of the Second War ¡ª the brave men, high elves, and dwarves who stepped into the Dark Portal to bring an end to the war in the scarred land of Draenor itself. Though the fate of these brave fighters was inconclusive in the past, the reopening of the Dark Portal lead to the discovery that three of the five heroes depicted remain alive; Khadgar once studied under the Naaru of Shattrath City, and later became one of the key members of an expedition to counter the Iron Horde in alternate universe's Draenor. Danath Trollbane leads the forces of Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula, and Kurdran Wildhammer has since returned to lead his Wildhammer brethren in the Twilight Highlands. However, the fates of Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner remain shrouded in mystery, and many who see the monuments lament the loss of these great heroes and wonder if Azeroth will ever be graced by bravery as steadfast as theirs.

As Deathwing swept over the city during the Cataclysm, he caused great damage to the Valley of Heroes, leaving massive, scorching clawmarks on the nearby towers and toppling the statue of Danath Trollbane into the water below the bridge. One can currently observe several crews of dwarven and human workers busy repairing the damage.

Trade District

The Trade District lies in the center of Stormwind City and is always bustling with activity. Half of the city's banks, auction houses and inns, as well as the local gryphon master, are all located within. In addition, consumers find plenty of outlets for their coin in the various equipment shops nearby. For those with a taste for the delectable, the Trias and Gallina families run cheese and wine shops out of the Trade District as well.