What Is The Best Way To Grind WoW Consortium Rep?

I checked out the items I can get once i’m exalted with The Consortium and found a few that I like. The bad part is i’m only friendly with them so my question is what is the best way to grind Consortium rep in order to reach exalted?

Yeah, The Consortium does have some nice items available at exalted and the goal we all strive for once we see some items that we like is to hit exalted in the quickest amount of time possible. With that said, the best way (imo) will be the fastest way to hit exalted. Also grinding rep along with doing the Consortium quests will help you gain gold and find great drops while working towards going exalted. A nice bonus as well is once you hit Friendly and above the Consortium will give you gems every month!

Another great part about grinding Consortium rep is you can also grind out Mag’har rep at the same time. Anyway, let’s get into it. Starting from Neutral you can get two quests that you can grind out until you hit Friendly with The Consortium.

Stealing From Thieves is the first quest you can go after in order to gain WoW Consortium rep. The quest starts in Nagrand from Gehze (31,57 coords) which is Southwest of Halaa and North of Oshu’gun at the edge of the lake. All you have to do is collect 10 Oshu’gun Crystal Fragments and turn them in. These are scattered around the huge white crystal and also drop from mobs around the crystal as well.

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The other quest you can do at Neutral is called A Head Full of Ivory. You can get this quest from Shadrek in the same Consortium town as Gehze. You can easily do this quest the same time as the first one. That will save you a fair share of time. All you have to do for this quest is kill elephants to get three ivory tusks. This can easily be done while you head to do Stealing From Thieves. Both of those quests are repeatable and award you 250 Consortium rep per turn in all the way to Friendly.

Once you are Friendly you can start turning in Obsidian Warbeads for the quest Obsidian Warbeads  as well as Zaxxis Insignias for the quest A Heap of Ethereals. The Obsidian Warbeads quest can be obtained from Gehze and you need to collect the warbeads and can turn them in 10 at a time for 250 rep a turn in.

Now where can you grind for Obsidian Warbeads? You can grind these from the Warmaul ogres north in Nagrand around (46,23). The only bad part is it usually is full of people grinding for the beads or just there causing trouble. Another good place is in the Southern part of the zone around (62,71) from the Boulderfist ogres. Both of these have drop rates around 33% so expect to get 1 for every 3 ogres.

As for the quest A Heap of Ethereals you get it from Nether-Stalker Khay’ji in Netherstorm at Area 52 (32,64 coords). On a side note you will probably also want to do the other quests available from Nether-Stalker Khay’ji as they will also award some Consortium reputation and is a great way if you get bored just strictly grinding.

You can grind out the Naxxis Insignias out in Netherstorm around (31,75 coords) which is just South of Area 52. A lot of people prefer to grind these as the drop rate is around 50% for these and you can turn them in a lot faster than the beads. They also give 250 rep per 10 turn in so this is really a good place on your way to exalted, but they don’t also give Mag’har rep like the beads.

This should be plenty to get you to exalted with The Consortium. It is enough to keep you busy for a while, that’s for sure!

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