What Is The Best 3v3 Arena Team Class Combo?

I am taking part in the World of Warcraft arena with my 3v3 team. The bad part is we really suck and our rating is around 1400. I am starting to think maybe it’s the classes we on the team that puts us at a disadvantage. So my question is what is the best 3v3 arena team class combos?

There is no real “best” arena combo for any of the match-ups. However, there are definitely some principles that one can consider when creating their arena team.

A good 3 vs 3 arena team must have a dedicated healer and two dedicated DPS classes. While it is recommended that the two DPS classes not be of the same type of damage – ie: both melee, both magic – occasionally such a combo will work.

For example, the double warrior paladin combo has been known to be among one of the best. Usually a team will want to have one ranged damage class and one melee damage class, such as Rogue/Warlock, Warrior/Mage, etc.

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The dedicated healer in a 3v3 team needs to be one that can survive sustained damage. For this reason, holy priests are not frequently found on the top-rated 3v3 teams as they have much less survivability than Paladins and Druids.

Crowd Control
Additionally you will want to ensure that at least to of your 3v3 members are able to use some form of crowd control. In 3v3 it is usually a race to see who can kill the other teams healer OR “squishy” DPS first. Therefore being able to neutralize their damage-dealers for any amount of time can be the difference between winning and losing – very quickly.

Desired Classes
It is argued that the best healer class for a 3v3 team to use is druids because they have 3 very handy crowd control abilities. They can put hunter pets to Sleep, entangle players in Roots, and envelope their opponents in Cyclone – a spell that can only be cleansed using a PvP trinket. Frost mages are very desirable as a ranged DPS class because of Ice Block, Frost Nova, Polymorph, and Summon: Water Elemental. Warriors are also very desirable because of Hamstring, Mortal Strike, and Intercept.

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