WoW Dragonflight Story

The Story of WoW Dragonflight

Once the broodlands of the Dragonflights, the Dragon Isles was once the center of the dragons’ kingdom when the world was young, and the mortal races were just starting to form kingdoms of their own. When the Legion invaded in the War of the Ancients and the Great Sundering broke the world draining much of the magic of the land, the dragons were forced to leave their homeland behind. But they didn’t leave it without the watchers to stand in wait—ready to call back the flights when the elemental energy resurged, and the dragons could be drawn home to re-establish their kingdom.

The time has come for the sky to light up with the colors of the aspects once again and for Alexstrasza and the others to come home. But the land has changed a lot in all these thousands of years they’ve been away, and some old threats have awakened as well.

The dragons we know of today are quite different than the early past of Azeroth. They were more primitive, much more savage—what we now know as the protodragons.

In more recent history the dragons we know were empowered to become the Aspects—the green dragonflight, red dragonflight, blue dragonflight, bronze dragonflight, and black dragonflight—each with unique powers and abilities to protect the world in different ways. These pillars of draconic powers were appointed to defend Azeroth from threats within and without. This power was used for good in the case of most of the Aspects, but also for more nefarious reasons in the case of the black dragonflight led by Neltharion who would later become Deathwing.

An opportunity to reclaim their legacy and return once more as the protectors of Azeroth lays before the dragons, but they’ll need the help of the heroes of Azeroth to face the challenges of this reawakening. The land has not been peacefully awaiting their return— old enemies have awakened as well and will need to be confronted and overcome if the flights are to make it their home once more.

One of those old foes they will have to overcome are the elemental half-giants, the Djaradin. They aren’t the only residents of the Dragon Isles, however, and there are many more occupants to get to know along your explorations. You’ll encounter the beloved tuskarr as well as get to know the civilization of the centaurs which predates those who we came to know in Kalimdor.

We’ll also get to reconnect with Wrathion and see if he is ready to step into the leadership role as the leader of the black dragonflight, or if there’s another path for him. We’ll also meet up with Kalecgos, Ebonhorn, and Ysera’s daughter Merithra to see where their return to the Dragon Isles takes them.

A new playable race will also be available — the dracthyr. Dracthyr were an experiment created by Neltharion with the essence of the dragons and imbued with their strength, nobility, wisdom, and adaptability to become the perfect soldiers.

Exploration is a key theme for this expansion and players will be able to adventure in this ancient land and explore the landscapes and its architectural history. We’ve created huge zones with many places to delve into with many old treasures and secrets tucked away. The heroes of Azeroth will work alongside The Reliquary and the Explorers’ League to help the dragonflights to help them find their legacy, as they have long helped the residents of Azeroth.

It’s a true Azerothian adventure waiting to be had and explored.

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