Druid/Hunter Arena Matchups Guide by Compensating

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While DA actually didn't agree with me on how to do this, we never really played against druid/hunter when we were together on 2s. DA would say to sit on hunter pet mostly, but I never really found this to work against good druid/hunters. So the strategy I have stuck to is a targeting priority of Druid>Pet>Hunter. Basically the warrior tries to stay on druid as much as possible (to reduce cc) with your druid in bearform 90% of the game, helping you stay with the druid/hunter druid. Games can go forever, and if your druid ever gets low on mana, just sit on the pet/hunter and get your druid drink time. Eventually you will get lucky and their druid will die, or you will run him oom since you're both trying to sit on him.

Really the key to winning this game is little tricks and being as efficient as possible, here is a brief list of tricks:

SR (Spell Reflecting) Traps and Nature's Grasp (along with the obvious cyclones when you can)

Intervening your druid to get better position, hopefully to get you in intercept range of their druid.

Taunting the hunter pet to get poisons on you. I use all my taunts against this team because with a poison on me I'm immune to scatter and trap. Note: The best time to Taunt a pet is when he has been away from your druid for longer than 5 secs, because then you know the poisons isn't on Cooldown and he will immediately apply poison.

Use your longer taunts (mocking and shout) when you get in a 10 sec entangle so that you can attack the pet in the meantime. This will also get poisons applied to you as described above.

Druid in Bear form eating Traps and helping the warrior stay on druid by charging entangles or cyclone. Also, cyclone the druid if your warrior gets cycloned (or hibernate if possible)

After a few games as druid/War trying to sit on the druid in druid/hunter your team will become a lot better at coordinating feral charges/cyclones/intercepts/charges/intervening/pummels/etc. Becoming better at this will actually make you a lot better at mirrors, where its a little more intense.
Basically your druid will become a lot better at understanding when the warrior needs help to get to hit target.

Lastly, if the druid clean gets away, just do a quick swap to the pet (who I often attack when their druid hits bear form) to bring the druid back.

If you have no other options just attack the hunter, to make him need heals and hopefully bring the druid back.