Druid/Warlock Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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This is a very long fight. Be prepared for a fight with a lot of drinking, several innervates, and a lot of ¡°OMFG 1% AND HE GOT HEALED TO FULL %$!!%[email protected][email protected]¡±, on both sides. The Warlock is just be dotting your warrior up and following you around while draining you whenever he gets a split second of LOS. The key here is to run the druid oom, or kill the pets. If you can finish off the warlocks pets, you can win because he now is taking a ton of damage keeping you in combat, so you can drink freely. As long as you kill both pets, you could be at like 10% mana with the other druid at 100%, and you will still win pretty easily.

The warlock will usually start with a felhunter. They die pretty easily, and its critical that you kill it. Start on the felhunter, and fully sunder it up. The Druid will not be able to heal through the damage without costing him a ton of mana, so if he heals it, you have the advantage because he spends so much mana, and if he doesn¡¯t, the felhunter dies and then you¡¯re free to hot. If he pulls out another felhunter, go for it again and kill it. Most warlocks, however, will pull out the voidwalker when the first felhunter dies. Now, Voidwalkers are very hard to kill, so don¡¯t bother going for it without softening it first via soul link damage.
Once the felhunter is dead and the VW is out, have your warrior sit on the warlock and fully sunder him up. He¡¯s going to get rooted/cycloned nonstop, but casting cyclone is 200 mana each time, and with hamstring he can generally still attack the warlock while in roots, so its bearable. The warlock will be taking a considerable amount of damage, even with Soul Link, and with 5 sunders the warlock is going to be taking enough damage that their druid won¡¯t have time to drink very often, and you can root the voidwalker and drink whenever you need to. Pillar hump the warlock to avoid getting drained, it should be easy enough with hamstring on him.

Keep pounding away at the warlock, the druid will drink every so often, this is ok. Keep at the warlock, and watch the pets health. As soon as the pet gets to around 65% health, have your warrior start building rage. When he reaches a lot of rage(70+), have him go to the druid, run towards the druid to fear him(or if the druid runs away, that¡¯s fine. DON¡¯T INTERCEPT HIM), then intercept the pet. Go around the pillar, Faeire fire the pet to reduce armor, and have your warrior unload his rage while he pops all his cooldowns. Cyclone the druid, keep him locked up, and pillar kite with the pet against the druid if you can¡¯t get LOS on him to cyclone him. Eat mana drains if you have to, the goal here is to have the pet die. If you have the extra mana, you can throw in some wrath/MF spam to help your warrior. If the pet dies, it¡¯s basically gg. If the pet gets healed, go back to the warlock, and try to get the pet¡¯s health down low again for another try.
If you get oom¡¯ed, you can pretty much survive for a very long time on just lifebloom¡¯ed mana regen. If you¡¯re really really oom and low on health, you both can pillar hump for a while until you regen enough to go back on the offensive.
Eventually one of the druids will go oom, or the pet will die, and you¡¯ll win.

-Taunt works on warlock pets. Your warrior can taunt the pet, and the pet will stay on the warrior until the warlock manually resends it back on you. This can buy you a lot of time that you can drink. (NE's can shadowmeld, in which case he wont be able to target you at all, and you can drink nearly to full.)
-Some good Warlocks will start with a voidwalker at the start. If he does, then like always you need to kill it twice. Sunder lock and pull pet out of Los like always, just this time you need to do it twice.
-Soul link is not active when the pet is banished or cyclone. When you see their druid start running off to drink, tell your warrior and cyclone the pet(if its a voidwalker). The warlock will take a ton of damage and force the druid to come back so he can¡¯t drink for more than a tick.
-Fel domintion only lasts about 15 seconds. If you can delay him from casting it for 15 seconds, you can win because he won¡¯t be able to get a 2nd pet out. If your warrior has good ping, he can watch for the warlock¡¯s to pop Fed Dom, then he can fear the warlock. Watch for the trinket, if he does, your warrior can then pummel the cast if he gets lucky. A Cyclone/Cyclone/Cyclone/bash after the fear (or pummel) will then be long enough for the buff to fall off. It¡¯s rare that you can stop the .5 second cast, but when it happens and you prevent the Summon¡­it¡¯s amazing.
-Keep Faerie fire up on both the lock and the druid(if hes a NE). The ¨Carmor helps your warrior hit harder and prevents shadowmeld on the druid.
-If you see its lock/healer, they may try to do a hard summoned voidwalker right off the bat. So if you see this, have your warrior charge in quickly and stop it, as trying to kill two VWs in a game is much harder than just killing one.
-The Warlock may try to resummon their pet via 1/2 cast Focus proc for a 3 second summon. When he goes all sparkly, it means he got one. Keep him cycloned while he has the proc active.
-Bear form prevents mana drain. So, if you two are both at full health you can go bear and use feral charge to help your warrior stick on the lock/prevent casts, and this way you won¡¯t be in danger of the lock getting LOS for a second to get a drain off. The danger is getting to low health and then they¡¯re right on you, and when you shift out you get bashed/feared/drained, and since you have to heal, you lose a ton of mana because you have to eat the drains to heal yourself while you¡¯re in caster form, in their LOS.