Shadow Priest/Warlock Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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This is one very tough matchup. You won¡¯t see it very often because so many other teams beat it, but man, this is pretty much your hardest team to fight. The amount of damage they can do combined with the incredible amount of CC/silence on you makes your warrior a giant bullseye. They generally will dot up your warrior, then fear you, while they gib down your warrior, and keep you out of the picture with a Silence+Spell lock to make sure you can¡¯t cast.
We found that the amount of burst they can do can take my warrior from 100-0% in a spell lock/silence/fear/deathcoil combo on you if they catch him in a 2her/zerk with a blackout.
So, what we do is have the warrior play very, very defensivly, going shield at the slightest hint of a kill combo, and running like a girl whenever they so much as sneeze on him. Your goal here is to stay alive while the priest runs himself oom, kiting and LOSing everything. Your warrior doing his best to stay out of a really bad situation( Being caught in the open while you¡¯re feared far away), and you¡¯re doing your best trying to stay far away hotting up your warrior, LOSing the fears and giving your warrior an intervene target if they catch you.

You need to be positioned next to a pillar as much as possible. If you see the warlock or priest run towards you, start running away so you can avoid the fears. If they deathcoil+fear, or manage to get a fear off, your warrior needs to immediately shield up+Intervene to you and start pillar kiting before they can land their huge gib combo.
Keep your warrior on the priest, he¡¯s much squishier, and most of his damage can be prevented by having your warrior on him. He can still 2her/MS in defensive stance, so consider having him in defensive the entire time while stance dancing to zerker rage. Everytime they get a fear off, or his health drops below 80%, your warrior is putting on a shield and pillar kiting (make sure that the priest doesn¡¯t drink), until hes back to full and hotted, then going back on the priest.
Outlast that priests¡¯s mana, drink if you can manage to get a couple seconds, and Don¡¯t give them that window to instagib your warrior down. Once the priest starts getting low on mana, he¡¯ll shadowfiend, and try to kite it, but be very careful about how far away you go, and where you go while kiting. You don¡¯t want to round a pillar and cut off your warrior¡¯s intervene path and give them a window to quickly burst him down.

-Watch the priest and his dispels. A priest that sits there chain dispelling your warrior while the warlock nukes him is very dangerous, because even chain blooming lifeblooms is not enough to keep him alive. If you see that the priest is sitting there slamming dispel, have your warrior retreat until you get him back to full.