Warlock/Rogue Arena Matchups Guide by Darkalpha

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This is tough, like all rogue/dps teams. This team is usually going to try to fear you and then gib your warrior, because a fear/fear/fear/silence(or stun)/deathcoil/Blind/Sap combo is more than enough for them to kill your warrior. Here, your warrior is going to sit on the warlock to prevent the fear casts, while doing his best to keep the rogue hamstrung and off you. Between pummel and LOSing the fears, you really shouldn¡¯t be getting feared to give them their gib window to burst your warrior. Your warrior's health is is below 60-70%, he has a shield on and is spell reflecting(unless the lock is about to die), and 2her busting on the warlock if he¡¯s full/hotted/abolished. The Rogue is usually a more tempting target than a soul link warlock, but once again, with all the tricks rogues have they won¡¯t die before you or your warrior does. Stay on the lock, don¡¯t get feared, and eventually the lock will die. Beware their Switch to you when you¡¯re out of cooldowns, as well.

If the Rogue is on your warrior(most matches):
The Fight generally starts with your warrior charging the lock. Stay back as long as you can, usually the rogue will open on your lock. If he doesn¡¯t, wait till about 75%, then rejuv yourself first (in case the rogue opens on you), then hot the Warrior. When the Rogue opens on your warrior, abolish him immediately and hot him up, making sure to run for max distance. If you can, get a cyclone or root on the rogue, he¡¯ll break it, but it¡¯s a cooldown that he¡¯s forced to spend. Be careful though, the felhunter can silence you which can be GG. Most matches I don¡¯t cast a single spell unless I KNOW I won¡¯t be CSed, The risk of getting silenced outweighs the few seconds of cc/cooldown use. The Warrior will be pounding on the warlock if he has hots and abolish, and Shielding /spell reflecting if he drops low. (He can still beat on the lock with a 1her).
Make sure to pummel the fears, and keep hamstring up on both the rogue and the warlock. Your job is to LOS the fears he can¡¯t pummel, and to make sure you¡¯re constantly moving away to stay at max range. Eventually, the warlock will probably get a fear off, but DON¡¯T TRINKET THIS UNLESS YOUR WARRIOR WILL DIE. Once you¡¯re feared, the rogue will start sprinting over to blind you, and if you trinket the fear and get blinded/sapped, it¡¯s pretty much GG. Save your trinket for the blind, because getting caught in a Blind->Sap->Silence-Deathcoil combo is almost a guaranteed loss. Once the rogue starts running, have your warrior intercept him and keep hamstring up, and piercing howl the imp sprints/vanishes.
Keep your distance at max range, always trying to stay at max range, and pillar humping if you can't get far away, and make sure to keep a lifebloom stack/rejuv/abolish up. The Lock should die soon, and then simply the rogue. If the Rogue burns all his cooldowns and the lock still has a decent amount of HP, your warrior can intercept to him to quickly dispatch him, because rogues with no tricks die very, very fast to a warrior. Once one of them dies, kill the other and win.

If the rogue opens on you(Rare)
The warlock will be tanking while the rogue looks for you, and the rogue will get the opener because of paranoia. Again, When you pop to heal your warrior, hot yourself first in case he pops on you. The Rogue will lock you down while the warlock dots you and your warrior up. Have the warrior intervene to you, disarm/hamstring the rogue, then Intercept back to the warlock. Because the rogue isn¡¯t pouring DPS into the warrior, your war can go to town on the warlock as long as he gets hots to keep him above 60-70% health. Keep abolish up on yourself along with hots, and do your best to pillar kite the rogue while your warrior shoves his 2her down the warlock's throat. Keep yourself alive, your warrior should intervene whenever he can to hamstring the rogue, then intercept back to the lock.
Again, if the rogue is out of tricks when the lock is alive and at decent health, consider swapping to quickly kill him.

-The Shadow sight debuff will prevent blinds and saps. Pick it up if you can.
-When they're on you, Consider having your warrior use his 2her in defensive stance when pummel is on cooldown, so he takes less damage.
-Like Mage/rogue, abolish is HUGE. Make sure to keep it up whenever you can,
-Felguard locks do a lot of damage, but die faster. The Stun sucks, but you can cast freely without getting spell locked. The Match is different, you die faster, but so does their lock.
-Always keep 10 rage for a piercing howl. Every time they sprint or vanish, howl. This can prevent.